They Love Us!

“I absolutely love my dog trainer; she’s the best! Rachel taught me all kinds of great skills that not only make me look extra cute, they keep my parents sane and happy. And she brings bacon! Thanks to Rachel I’m on track to be the world’s best dog, as long as my parents keep up their own training of course. Would highly recommend Rachel for all your puppy lessons. I can’t wait to see her again!”
~ Tuukka (parents Audrey & Parker)

"When I adopted Widget I was really overwhelmed by her anxiety and food avoidance. I didn’t know where to start. Rachel figured out some great activities to build Widget’s confidence and motivation. At first, Widget was too nervous to engage, but Rachel was optimistic. She worked with us slowly and patiently until it clicked. Now Widget loves doing her training activities and her confidence is growing every day. Rachel was also so supportive of my anxiety while figuring out how to build routines and house train my anxious little rescue dog."
~ Miriam

"I love the training activities Rachel gave me to do! Sometimes I wait for my human in the spot we practice to encourage her to work with me on focus, sit and searching for treats. At first, I just hid and trembled, but now I know I can do my puzzle, follow directions, and control when I get treats from my human! When she says “that’s it!” I know I’m on the right track."
~ Widget (mom, Miriam)

"Rachel is the best out there! I have an 8-month-old Goldendoodle puppy named Colby who has lots of energy! Through extensive training by Rachel, Colby has improved his skills, confidence and overall house manners. Through positive reinforcement and repetition, my dog has made strides I never thought was possible. Not only does Rachel meet with me weekly but she provides me with worksheets as an obligation to improve Colby’s skills even more outside of our training sessions. I think it is important that Rachel makes sure to touch on any of my concerns or questions I may have every session. Not only has Rachel trained my pup but she has expanded my overall knowledge tremendously. Rachel is a very personable trainer with patience, experience, and passion. I look forward to our weekly sessions because Rachel makes it very enjoyable for both my pup and me. I am sure Rachel would be a great fit for anyone and their pup!! Rachel, I can’t thank you enough!!!!"
~ Aurora (Colby's mom)

"Rachel is a phenomenal instructor and gives great advice on body language and the best way to communicate with your dog. As a veterinarian, I know how important it is to have a well-trained dog (not only for personal sanity but to help keep them safe). My pup and I have such a great bond thanks to the training we have done with Rachel. We started with sessions in our own home/environment and are now practicing what we have learned out in the real world. It is so helpful to have someone keep you honest with training and she is always checking in to make sure things are going well in between training sessions. If you are looking for a great trainer who can help strengthen your bond with your dog, Rachel is the one for the job! She truly does help turn your pup into a delightful dog."
~ Cenek's Human Mom/Dad

From Cenek himself:

"Hi there! The name's Cenek (Chen-ek), it means conqueror. And thanks to Rachel and her training, me and my humans are ready to conquer the world. At 5 months old, I know how to sit/lay down, stay, heel, place, leave it, come and other important core commands every dog should know. I can't wait to get out in public and show everyone what a good boy I am!"