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We are dedicated to helping dogs become well-balanced, well-behaved, socialized pets for their families.

Hello! Thank you for visiting!  You may have found me by just searching "best dog training near me," but let me tell you why your search should end here. My name is Rachel Antonino and I am a certified Animal Behavior College dog trainer. I am also a certified CCPDT-KA trainer and an AKC evaluator. I have over 10 years of experience training both my own dogs and clients' dogs. A Stoughton resident, I travel all around Norfolk County, Boston, and the surrounding areas. I believe working with dogs and having them as companions is a gift to be cherished. Establishing solid communication through play, engagement, and training is the best way to build a strong bond with your dog so you can have a great relationship with your furry companion.  Whether your training a new puppy, or giving a rescue dog a forever home, I'd love to help!

I follow the humane hierarchy when training. This means I always start with the most gentle approach possible and set your dog up for success!

Along with training dogs, I am also a Massachusetts licensed horseback riding instructor and trainer as well as a special education teacher. I am passionate about teaching people of all abilities about dogs, dog training, and dog safety.

I love to see the results when people are able to understand new concepts and apply them to their dogs for positive results!  My goal is to train the animal and the owner in a way that creates positive results and makes the most sense to all involved.  
A happy content dog = a happy content household!

I look forward to getting to know you and your dog!  

Pack Walks

Delightful Dogs offers monthly pack walks!

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These walks are a great way to work your dog among other people and dogs (using methods you are most comfortable with) with no pressure to interact.